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Surrey Index of Names

To search for a name, type in values into the following fields:
(Wildcards are * for any number of characters, ? for one character)

First Name(s):

This index is compiled from random references to names connected with Surrey that I have come across. It will point you to the source which contains the reference or information. I have not set out to collect information systematically so it is purely a matter of chance what I have come across.

The index contains both personal names and some business names.

You can search by surname or by surname and first name(s). The results of the search will be listed by place and then by year within that place. It is probably best to start by searching for surname and then narrow down your search as necessary, maybe adding the place. When you have found an item you are interested in, click on the Link for more information. This generates an email to me. I will send you the citation and any other information I may have.

Search Tips

For example, if you are searching for Alfred Wilson. Entering Wilson Alfred in the search box

will return just four records.

If you use the wild card and enter Wilson Alfred*,

you will get 12 records returned.

However we transcribe everything exactly as it appears in the original document, so if you enter Wilson Alf* you will get 14 records, including different abbreviations for Alfred.

If you enter Wilson Al*,

the search returns 38 records as it picks up all the Alfred variations, Alex, Alice Alexander etc.

Remember other commonly used abbreviations e.g. Tho, Thos and Thos. for Thomas; Hy and Hy. for Henry and many others.

The index contains many names described in the original as "alias" or "als". Enter *als* in the surname box will return around 800 names for you to browse where the three letters "als" are contained in another word or name.


  1. The names etc are indexed as they appear in the source document. I have made no assumptions about what is meant nor have I corrected any errors that there may be in the original.
  2. Dates in the Index are taken from the dates shown on the source document. Don't forget to make allowances for "New Style" and "Old style" dates for years before 1752.
  3. I may not have copies of the articles etc. referenced and cannot provide those that I do not have or are still in copyright. You will need to contact an appropriate Library or Record Office if you wish to read those.
  4. The index is offered for use "as is". Neither I nor the Trustees of the West Surrey Family History Society make any guarantee that the references are relevant to your research and we cannot be responsible for any nugatory expenditure you might incur.
  5. The index is updated several times a month.
  6. If you spot any mistakes please let me know so I can correct them.
  7. If you have any suggestions how the index can be improved do pass them on.

Tony Kelly

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Copyright © 2024 West Surrey Family History Society